I intended to write this as a response to Nycyclist's post about considering quitting facebook, but it's not totally relevant, and I think might sort of smack of thread hijacking so I figured I'd be better served posting here. (Even though posting to my own Kinja feels a lot like shouting into a void) But here is why I've recently also considered quitting:


When my awful brother in law quit Facebook because he was getting into too many awful fights, because he's awful, he lasted a month or so, before taking over my nephew's account and being awful there.

Why does my 4 1/2 year old nephew even have a facebook account, you ask? Your guess is as good as mine. But here's the deal, my nephew is linguistically advanced and has been reading for longer than the past year, and a lot of people are aware of this and are under the impression that he's some kind of wunderkind. So they're faced with 1.) Confusion : "Why is this 4 year old attacking me about my opposition to fracking*?","Why does he believe Christians are being discriminated against?" "Do I explain to a 4 year old why it's racist for Katy Perry to fetishize asian women**, and does he still believe Katy Perry is just his Mom wearing a fancy bra?" And 2.) The awkward feeling of defriending a 4 year old who they only friended in the first place because it was too awkward declining a friend request from what was a 3 month old at the time, and they assumed his parents would quietly lose interest in updating his account.


So anyway, I've been considering cancelling fb, because it's been so lame. I'm obviously not confused about who's controlling my nephew's account, after all, being able to read board books and having memorized the answers to flash cards does not a genius make, nor could it distract my sweet nephew from playing angry birds long enough to have any awareness of politics or current events. I do however have that lingering feeling of awkwardness with unfriending an account that is supposed to represent my nephew (who I love). There are also people who I actually enjoy dealing with who are just easier to stay in touch with via facebook, so I settled on editing all of my albums and statuses from the past year so that my brother in law/nephew (Brephew in law? Nephrother in law?) can't see any of them. He can make due with the one or 2 photos my husband will text him when the baby is born, and once he realizes what's happened (he won't notice until the baby is here and he goes looking for photos) It's going to look like I'm being petty since my husband doesn't have facebook, but I can't be their middle man if it results in me dealing with constant bullshit.

* This was actually something he did to my Mom, who is not even his mother in law, and although I stayed out of it, my sister did not. This happened :

This is after a delightful exchange wherein Awful Brother in Law suggests that if you can use the possibilities of hydro-fracking accidents as an argument against it, then logically after 9/11 one would have to argue for banning buildings and airplaines, and that because my mother and sister have not worked in the oil industry they are automatically ignorant and unworthy of expressing an opinion on the subject.


My Sister : "To say that one has to have worked directly with an industry to form an opinion about it is absurd. The fact is that your politics and my politics do not match up. They never will. You will not be swayed, and I understand that - what I don't understand is your pig-headed insistence that 1) you will be able to sway others and 2) that everything related to fracking posted on facebook is a direct invitation for your comment. I know it's hard for you to believe but you don't actually have to use your child's profile to take time out of your day and fight fracking's side in social media."

Awful Brother In Law : "Whatever, thanks for the lecture..get over yourself"

** I stayed out of it, don't worry. You see, one time he had an Asian friend, so if he judges something as "not racist", you can just calm right down, because the expert has spoken.

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